The Quaker – Published

My short story, ‘The Quaker,’ has just been published at the fantastic horror and alternative arts website, ‘The Scum Gentry.’
An excerpt of ‘The Quaker’:
“Why does it feel I’ve lived this night before? Mike thought as he guided the bus down the road.
Sometimes it feels that a night can go on forever. Even as the new day dawns, you find your mind slip back into the twilight, who’s to say we all don’t exist in an eternal loop? Some soul hanging a carrot and stick over your shoulder, leading you in circles as they leach the energy from your soul.
Twisted minds prefer to dwell in the unlit corners of the spiritual plane, those sinister spirits that prey on the unwary. This story, dear reader, is a story about one of those spirits. So wherever you are, shut the blinds, lock the door, and check under your bed, for The Quaker might be watching…”

For the rest of the story please follow the link,

Or visit the literature section of my blog.

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